‘The Law Cafe’ Episode 1 Recap: Lee Se Young Learns Her Old BuddyLee Seung Gi Is Her Landlord

the law cafe episode 1
the law cafe episode 1
Credit: KBS

KBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama The Law Cafe premiered to strong ratings, recording an average nationwide rating of 7.1 percent.

Episode 1 ofThe Law Cafe had Kim Yu Ri (Lee Se Young) learning that her old buddy Kim Jung Ho (played byLee Seung Gi) is the landlord of her new law cafe. The two have been good friends for the last seventeen years until they suddenly broke up with each other in college when they had a brief relationship.

Years later, Yu Ri ends up quitting the firm she was working at. She looks for a place to start a law caf of her own and finds a place she likes. However, when she enquires about a contract from her landlord, she soon learns her longtime friend is the landlord. Jung Ho also freaks out and tries to cancel the contract after learning that his new tenant is his ex-lover. Later at night, Yu Ri barges into Jung Ho in his house and asks him why he is trying to cancel the contract and why he quit his job. Without giving her any clear answer, he kicks her out of his place.

The next day, Yu Ri asks Jung Ho to bring something she deliberately left in his place and suggests making rules so that they don’t have to cancel the contract. He agrees but gives her a pile of documents filled with rules she can never abide by. She reads them but soon throws them to the ground, saying, “He’s always been like that. He’s a complete psycho.” However, the episode had Jung Ho secretly confessing his feelings for her, saying, “Why do I take things that far? Because I like her.”

The episode ended with Jung Ho hiding from Yu Ri at his friend’s wedding, raising curiosity.

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