‘Yonder’ Drops a Touching Teaser Starring Shin Ha Kyun and Han Ji Min

Han Ji Min Drama YONDER
Han Ji Min Drama YONDER
Credit: TVING

TVING recently dropped a teaser trailer of its upcoming sci-fi series Yonder.

Starring Shin Ha Kyun and Han Ji Min, the drama follows a man who receives an email from his dead wife, inviting him to a mysterious place named “Yonder.” The drama will depict a place called “Yonder” in which people can live indefinitely without dying, leaving viewers to ponder the meaning of eternal life, death, memory and oblivion, happiness and unhappiness.

Shin Ha Kyun will play Jae Hyun, the reporter who lives a purposeless life after his wife’s death. Han Ji Min will star as Lee Hu, the dead wife who leads her husband to a different world.

The upcoming drama will be the first series produced by Lee Jun Ik who helmed Anarchist from Colony, The Throne, The King and The Clown, and The Book of Fish.

The trailer begins with Jae Hyun’s bright smile as he spends a wonderful time with his wife. The scene then switches to Jae Hyun tightly embracing Yi Hu with tears as he mourns over her death. Soon, he gets an email from Yi Hu, saying, “I’m here. If you want to see me, come here.” Without hesitation, Jae Hyun heads to the mysterious place called Yonder to meet his beloved wife. Lee Hu says, “You’re here,” along with the caption that reads “The last place where you can meet the person you love,” raising curiosity about what will happen to the couple in the upcoming series.

Yonder, jointly produced by TVING and Paramount+, will premiere in October.

Source : TVING

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