Weekly TV Top10: ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Ends Its 8-Week Journey at First Place

Extraordinary Attorney Woo ending

Drama Ranking for the 3rd Week of August

ENA’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo saw a grand ending, ranking first for eight consecutive weeks. This is the tenth TV series to record the highest viewer ratings throughout its airing, and the last one aired in 2015. The most recent drama that recorded the highest popularity throughout the show was tvN’s Twenty-Five Twenty-One. Extraordinary Attorney Woo received criticisms for the unreasonable development in the second half, but the viewers loved how the drama ended in the final episode. MBC’s Big Mouth kept its place in second place. The series has constantly seen a rise in popularity, maintaining the unexpected twist and the fun of letting the viewers guess the identity of Big Mouse. tvN’s Alchemy of Souls stayed at No. 3 another week. Episode 128 showed Mu Deok (Jung So Min) giving up on her life as an assassination and choosing Jang Uk (Lee Jae Wook), gaining enthusiastic support from drama fans. As for JTBC’s The Good Detective 2. Son Hyun Joo and Jang Seung Jo’s chemistry has been consistently well-received and Kim Hyo Jin and Choi Dae Hoon’s performances as villains are thrilling.

  1. ENA Extraordinary Attorney Woo? (Share of Audience 52.39) ( �” )
  2. MBC Big Mouth (Share of Audience 13.19) ( �” )
  3. tvN Alchemy of Souls (Share of Audience 8.65) ( �” )
  4. KBS It’s Beautiful Now (Share of Audience 3.44) ( �” )
  5. JTBC The Good Detective 2 (Share of Audience 2.92) (▲1)
  6. SBS Today’s Webtoon (Share of Audience 2.61) (▲3)
  7. KBS Gold Mask (Share of Audience 2.49) (▽2)
  8. tvN Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist �(Share of Audience 2.48) (▲2)
  9. KBS Cafe Minamdang(Share of Audience 1.95) (▲3)
  10. KBS Bravo, My Life (Share of Audience 1.90) (▲3)
  1. Park Eun Bin, Extraordinary Attorney Woo? (▲1)
  2. Kang Tae Oh, Extraordinary Attorney Woo? (▽1)
  3. Lee Jong Suk, Big Mouth (▲1)
  4. Jin Kyung, Extraordinary Attorney Woo? (▲28)
  5. Kang Ki Young, Extraordinary Attorney Woo? (▽2)
  6. �Jung So Min, Alchemy of Souls (▲14)
  7. Ha Yoon Kyeong, Extraordinary Attorney Woo? (▽2)
  8. Joo Jong Hyuk, Extraordinary Attorney Woo? (▽1)
  9. YoonA, Big Mouth (▽3)
  10. Lee Jae Wook, Alchemy of Souls (▲4)

Non-Drama Ranking for the 3rd Week of August

ENA PLAY/SBS Plus’s I Am Solo ranked first for the second week. Interest in the final selection of the cast has significantly increased, resetting the all-time popularity for the third week. tvN’s Earth Arcade maintained its spot at No. 2 for another week. JTBC’s Men on a Mission, which aired the second episode of Girls’ Generation’s guest appearance, and MBC’s I Live Alone, which revealed footballer Hwang Hee Chan’s solo life, each ranked at No. 3 and No. 4. Mnet’s Street Man Fighter debuted at the seventh place ahead of its premiere on the 23rd.

  1. ENA PLAY/SBS Plus I Am Solo (Share of Audience 8.00) ( �” )
  2. tvN Earth Arcade (Share of Audience 3.54) ( �” )
  3. JTBC �Men on a Mission (Share of Audience 3.40) (▲2)
  4. MBC I Live Alone (Share of Audience 3.32) ( �” )
  5. tvN DoReMi Market (Share of Audience 2.67) (▲1)
  6. MBN/ENA Divorced Singles 3 (Share of Audience 2.65) (▽3)
  7. Mnet Street Man Fighter (Share of Audience 2.64) NEW
  8. JTBC A Clean Sweep (Share of Audience 2.33) ( �” )
  9. MBC The Manager (Share of Audience 2.18) (▽2)
  10. JTBC Hidden Singer 7 (Share of Audience 2.02) NEW
  1. Hwang Hee Chan, I Live Alone NEW
  2. Jo Ye Young, Divorced Singles 3 �(▲5)
  3. Han Jung Min, Divorced Singles 3 �(▲7)
  4. Girls’ Generation, Men on a Mission(▽2)
  5. An Yujin, Earth Arcade (▽4)
  6. IVE, DoReMi Market NEW
  7. Lee Young Ja, The Manager �(▽2)
  8. Lee Jung Jae, The Manager ( �” )
  9. Han Ji Hye, Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant NEW
  10. Choi Yena, DNA Mate (▲64)

This survey was released by the TV popularity analyst Good Data Corporation after analyzing the internet’s responses generated from news articles, blogs/communities, videos, and social media in regards to 20 drama series and 194 variety shows that are either on-air or scheduled to be aired from August 15th through August 21st of 2022.

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