‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Star Kang Tae Oh Talks About the Kissing Scene He Had With Jang Dong Yoon

Kang Tae Oh nokdu
Kang Tae Oh nokdu
Credit: KBS

Extraordinary Attorney Woo star Kang Tae Oh recently guest-starred in the August 25th broadcast of KBS’s Entertainment Company Live.

In the show, he talked about what it was like filming the kissing scene with Jang Dong Yoon in The Tale of Nokdu. He said, I prepared my lips with a lip balm for the scene. When asked if he knew anything about Dong Yoon’s prep for the scene, Kang Tae Oh replied, I noticed that he was eating a piece of candy that tastes like red ginseng. He likes those. He jokingly added, So I thought that’s why he was so energetic while we were shooting the scene. It was all thanks to the red ginseng.

Kang Tae Oh won the Best New Actor Award at the 2019 KBS Drama Awards for his series The Tale of Nokdu. Showing affection for the drama, he remarked, Aside from winning the award, I enjoyed the filming process so much. I love Yul Mu more than anyone else. The drama left a good memory in me.�

He also shared his thoughts on the Extraordinary Attorney Woo team, saying, I always lose track of time when I talk with them. We grew very close while we were filming in the countryside. The actor, who waited for a month to join the cast as Lee Jun Ho, recalled the day he received the script for the series. He said, I was so happy when I first got the script. I read it in one sitting, and I couldn’t wait to start shooting. Although I wasn’t asked to join them on the spot, I prayed so hard to get the role.

Regarding the difference between Lee Jun Ho and the actor himself, Lee Jun Ho commented, Jun Ho is more of a gentle and sweet guy than who I am. I’m more of a friendly and easy-going person.

He remarked, I will be enlisting in the military soon. I will make sure to return in good health and work to impress once more.” closing the interview.

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