‘Narco-Saints’ Trailer Presents a True Crime Story Starring Ha Jung Woo, Park Hae Soo and Yoo Yeon Seok

Narco Saints Netflix
Narco Saints Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix recently dropped a new trailer for Narco-Saints starring Ha Jung Woo, �Hwang Jung Min, �Park Hae Soo, �Jo Woo Jin �and �Yoo Yeon Seok.

Narco-Saints �follows a civilian businessman who becomes involved in the National Intelligence Service’s covert operation to bring down a Korean drug lord operating in the South American country of Suriname.

The trailer begins with Kang In Goo (played by Ha Jung Woo) starting a business in Suriname in the hope of getting rich. However, he ends up being falsely accused of smuggling drugs when bags of cocaine were found loaded on his ship.

While serving his time in prison, a NIS agent named Choi Chang Ho (Park Hae Soo) visits him and tells him the shocking truth that he has been framed by a South Korean pastor named Jeon Yo Hwan (Hwang Jung Min). The agent then asks In Goo if he could help him take down the pastor, and In Goo takes the offer to reduce his prison sentence and clear his name. Upon accepting the mission, he returns to Suriname as an under-cover agent of NIS.

Paster Jeon Yo Han, who is backed by the Suriname government, once again threatens him, but this time, In Goo does not give in as he knows that this is his last chance. He becomes a human bait to catch the vicious pastor and survive every crisis he faces in the foreign, tropical country.

However, In Goo constantly gets tempted by a ridiculous amount of money while he puts his life on the line in the field, unlike what Chang Ho promised. Being suspicious of In Goo, the trailer ends with Chang Ho asking him a daring question, “Do we still have the same goal?”

Narco-Saints will drop on September 9th.

Source: Netflix

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