ENHYPEN’s Jake Roams Around Itaewon to Ask Girls for a Cigarette Lighter?

enhypen members
enhypen members

ENHYPEN’s Jake was allegedly spotted in Itaewon.

On the 23rd, one Twitter account posted several photos and tweeted, “Jake was asking girls for a cigarette lighter in Itaewon.” The photos showed a blond-haired man, wearing a black hat and mask, approaching a group of women and chatting them up. Next to him is a man wearing Adidas shorts.

enhypen members
Credit: Twitter, Online Community

The writer then claimed, “The man in Adidas shorts is a staff member, and he always comes to Itaewon with Jake. They visit Itaewon on Friday nights or early Saturday mornings.” Then they added, “The reason he asks girls for a lighter is so he can pull down the mask and show his face to the girls and hook up.”

However, the photos didn’t show the man’s face, which makes it impossible to know if the person really is Jake. Some fans dismissed the allegations, commenting, “Jake never wears sliders without socks,” and “They said he spotted Jake in June, but the photos were taken in May.”

ENHYPEN’s label hasn’t released any statement regarding the issue.

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