‘Project Wolf Hunting’ Confirms September Release and Drops Intense Still Photos

Project Wolf Hunting where to watch
Project Wolf Hunting where to watch
Credit: The Contents ON

The new hard-boiled survival action movie Project Wolf Hunting confirmed its September release.

Project Wolf Hunting depicts the process of transporting heinous criminals that even Interpol had given up on from the middle of the Pacific Ocean to Korea. On the 23rd, The Contents ON announced the release of the movie on September 21st and unveiled ten still photos.

The first thing that catches the eyes is the creepy visual of the Frontier Titan, where the story takes place. Then the clear contrast between Da Yeon (Jung So Min) and Myung Joo (Jang Young Nam), a wanted criminal that fled overseas, draws attention. Of course, the sight of criminals just freely roaming around the ship raises curiosity about the survival story they’ll unfold.

Project Wolf Hunting where to watch
Credit: The Contents ON

Jong Du (Seo In Guk), Interpol’s most wanted criminal, heralds a major role he’ll play in the takeover of the Frontier Titan with a meaningful smile while being escorted by detectives. Do Il (Jang Dong Yoon) raises more questions as a reticent and mysterious figure.

Moreover, the photos of Dae Woong (Sung Dong Il), the mysterious team leader of the convoy who shows no emotions, detective Suk Woo (Park Ho San), and Da Yeon on high alert give a glimpse into the intense action survival to take place in the confined place.

Meanwhile, Project Wolf Hunting comes from The Con Artists and Metamorphosis director Kim Hong Sun. Seo In Guk, Jang Dong Yoon, Choi Gwi Hwa, Sung Dong Il, Park Ho San, Jung So Min, Ko Chang Seok, Jang Young Nam, and more appear in the movie.

Source: The Contents ON

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