Lee Dong Wook Declines Fans’ Request to Share Selfies of Co-Stars

Lee Dong Wook 2022
lee dong wook 2022

Online users recently praised Lee Dong Wook for his stern advice toward some fans who constantly asked for selfies of his co-stars.

On August 21st, a part of the star’s private message sent to his fans was posted on the online community, theqoo.

Lee Dong Wook Kim Bum
Credit: theqoo

Lee Dong Wook declined fans’ request to share other actors’ whereabouts and selfies, saying, “Why are you asking me about Bum? Go ask himself for his selfies.”

Lee Dong Wook Kim Bum
Credit: theqoo

Later, when fans who asked for selfies said, “Are you being jealous?” he responded, “Jealous? I’m not jealous at all. I guess some of you don’t know me well yet. Why should I talk about other actors here?”

Lee Dong Wook Kim Bum
Credit: theqoo

The actor continued, “Even during V Live, why are you always asking me about other actors? Don’t go saying that I’m jealous since I’m not. I’m trying to explain in a nice way for your better � understanding. I’m here to have a good time with my fans. I can’t understand why people are trying to get in the way of this. I’m not angry, but I thought I should mention this someday.”

Lee Dong Wook Kim Bum
Credit: theqoo

After seeing his message, users reacted with comments, saying, “Good to see him directly addressing the issue,” “There are many thoughtless fans asking about other members via V Live broadcast of idols. Guess it’s the same with actors too,” “I wish they would stop asking about others,” “What is wrong with people asking Lee Dong Wook if he’s jealous?” and “I’m glad he pointed out the issue.”

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