Kang Tae Oh Talks About ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo,’ Working Out During Filming, and More

kang tae oh extraordinary attorney woo
kang tae oh extraordinary attorney woo
Credit: @star1

Kang Tae Oh posed for the @star1 pictorial, showing off his charms.

Kang Tae Oh is enjoying his best days in the 9 years since his debut, playing the role of Lee Jun Ho in the hit series Extraordinary Attorney Woo. When asked about how much he resembles Lee Jun Ho, the actor answered, “Actually, my personality is actually quite different from Jun Ho’s. I was actually concerned that I might look too cheesy. So I thought a lot about it and tried to sound as dry as possible.”

kang tae oh extraordinary attorney woo
Credit: @star1

There’s no exaggeration in saying that Korea is swept by the “Kang Tae Oh craze.” From binge-watching his previous projects to the clips from his “Vietnam Prince” days, everything about him is going viral online. So does he look up posts about him? “I don’t look them up myself,” the actor responded. “I feel like I’d get hurt if I read hate comments, and that’ll affect my acting, so I’m being extra careful.”

Since his debut, Kang Tae Oh was well-known for his buff body. That’s why he refrains himself from working out when he begins a new project. “I tend to gain a lot of muscles (when I work out), so I try not to work out so much during filming,” he shared. “I get buffed easily even with a little exercise, and my shoulders and neck tend to get quite thicker, and that doesn’t look so pretty on television.”

kang tae oh extraordinary attorney woo
Credit: @star1

Soon, Kang Tae Oh will enlist to fulfill his military duty. “I’m not worried,” he commented. “Seo In Guk and Lee Soo Hyuk, who’ve already been discharged, gave me lots of advice and told me not to worry so much. I’ll serve my duty and come back as a better person.”

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