Lee Jung Hyun Talks About How She Regrets Missing Out on Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s Honeymoon Trip

Son Ye Jin Lee Jung Hyun
Son Ye Jin Lee Jung Hyun
Credit: KBS

Lee Jung Hyun recently guest-appeared in the August 11th broadcast of KBS2’s Entertainment Company Live.

In the show, she shared what she has been up to, saying, “I have a movie that I acted in that will be coming out this month. I also have another movie that is already showing in theaters. One is Decision to Leave, which came out in July, and the other one is Limit, which will be hitting theaters at the end of this month.” Looking around the restaurant, she remarked, “this is where my husband and I often went on dates before we got married.”

The actress remarked, “I had terrible morning sickness, and I couldn’t eat anything other than the food they serve here. Their tripe soup and duck confit are just amazing.”

Lee Jung Hyun gave birth to a baby girl last April. She shared, “It feels so rewarding and gratifying to wake up with my baby by my side. She is such a precious, heaven-sent girl, and I never thought I would have such a precious gift in my life. I want to be a good mother to her.”

The emcee then asked her to send a message to her beloved friend, Son Ye Jin, who is also expecting a baby. She said, “Have lots of nutritious food, though you will know what is good for you. Following a nutritious diet is the most important thing for a pregnant woman.”

The two actresses are famous for their friendship as �Son Ye Jin even tagged along on her honeymoon trip. When asked if she also followed So Ye Jin on her honeymoon trip, she said, “It was such a bummer that I could not make it to her trip. I couldn’t go because I was almost in the last month of pregnancy.”

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