Ji Chang Wook and Sooyoung’s ‘If You Wish Upon Me’ Tells a Heartwarming, Wish-fulfilling Story

If You Wish Upon Me
If You Wish Upon Me
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If You Wish Upon Me will deliver essential messages to society.

On the 10th, KBS’s new drama If You Wish Upon Me held its press conference, which Director Kim Yong Wan, and actors Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sooyoung, Sung Dong Il, and Won Ji An attended.

Ji Chang Wook plays Yoon Gyeo Rae, a troubled soul. “When I first read the script, I thought it was my story and someone else’s story,” he said. “I talked to the director and writer a lot about the character Yoon Gyeo Rae. What kind of a man he is and how he opens up to other people and change – I thought hard about that. That wasn’t easy. The steps I took to prepare for the character were different from my previous roles.”

If You Wish Upon Me
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Choi Sooyoung plays Seo Yeon Joo, a hope-bringer. “I loved how Yeon Joo was expressed in the script,” she explained. “I wanted to appear in the project where chemistry was important, and I was lucky to come upon this script that I could rely on.” She continued, “After I joined the project, I worked out really hard. I wanted my character to exude energy.”

Sooyoung also talked about playing a nurse role, just like her teammate YoonA in the drama Big Mouth. “I didn’t know YoonA was playing a nurse too,” she shared. “But YoonA is a nurse in a general hospital and I’m a nurse in a hospice center. We didn’t talk about playing nurses.”

Ji Chang Wook lastly commented, “I was really happy while filming. I hope the viewers can feel the warmth in this drama.” Sooyoung said, “Sung Dong Il and Ji Chang Wook’s bromance is a must-watch. Also, there’s this family-like vibe for the Team Genie and Won Ji An has her own narrative too. If You Wish Upon Me is like a comprehensive gift box with various kinds of relationships.”

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