Will ‘Hansan: Rising Dragon’ Become Another Movie to Attract 10 Million Movie-goers?

Hansan Rising Dragon
Hansan Rising Dragon
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Hansan: Rising Dragon topped the box office on its opening weekend.

Hansan: Rising Dragon is the second part of director Kim Han Min’s trilogy about Admiral Yi Sun Shin. Following the 2014 movie Roaring Currents, the new film depicts the Battle of Hansan Island and Admiral Yi Sun Shin’s fleet that halted Japanese naval operations along the southern coast of Korea.

Based on data compiled by the Korea Film Council, the flick cumulated 2,270,207 admissions. The film is projected to surpass 3 million in a few days as it is approaching such a mark faster than Ode to My Father, Miracle in Cell No.7, and Masquerade, which have all drawn more than 10 million admissions in theaters.

Alienoid box office
Credit: CJ ENM, Showbox

The last week’s number one at the box office, Alienoid: Part One, fell to fourth place, attracting 187,000 viewers over the weekend. The flick drew a cumulative audience of 1.35 million as of August 1st. Minions 2, which opened on the same day as Alienoid, landed at No.2 with 340,000 admissions. The film has a cumulative audience of 1.5 million. Top Gun: Maverick continued its undying streak and came in at No.3. The film drew 296,000 spectators to the theater on its sixth week of release, accumulating 7.04 million viewers. Pororo Movie_ Dragon Castle Adventure took the fifth spot, garnering 129,000 spectators over the weekend. The film has so far attracted 170,000 viewers.

Meanwhile, Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, and Jeon Do Yeon’s new blockbuster movie Emergency Declaration ranked ninth after pulling in 4,000 viewers at its early premiere held ahead of its release on August 3rd.

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