J-Hope Thanks Jimin for All His Help Before and During LOLLAPALOOZA Performance

Credit: V Live

BTS’ J-Hope and Jimin showed off their friendship.

On August 1st, J-Hope hosted a live broadcast under the title “Hope-Palooza.” Earlier this day, J-Hope got on the stage as the main headliner for the festival LOLLAPALOOZA in Chicago. Pop Life reported that the artist became the highest ticket-selling artist in LOLLAPALOOZA history, while Samir Mayekar, Chicago Deputy Mayor for Economic & Neighborhood Development, tweeted about “J-Hope’s effect on Chicago economy” and showed his anticipation for “the night were history will be made.”

“It’s overwhelming,” J-Hope shared. “So many things are passing through my head and I’m tearing up. At first, I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off on my own. I’ve practiced like six hours a day. I maen, BTS’ J-Hope shouldn’t disgrace BTS’ name on a big stage.”

Soon, Jimin joined the streaming. “Jimin came,” J-Hope said. “The practicing was tough, but as soon as Jimin came, I couldn’t stop smiling.” Jimin left for the States on July 29th. J-Hope added, “After coming here, I lost my appetite, so I didn’t really eat. But I ate lunch for the first time after Jimin came.” Jimin recalled, “He was in a room with all the lights off. He’s lost so much weight, so I knew that he was drained.”

J-Hope stressed how big of a help Jimin was, saying, “As I was performing, I kept seeing Jimin. (Looking at his gestures,) I got hyped up.” Jimin praised his teammate, “He sounded great in live performance, and everything was just great. (He was so awesome) that I swore so much. So my voice is all cracking up now. The overall quality was impressive.”

Hearing that, J-Hope responded, “I love it the most when my teammate compliments me. A solo concert was like a world of darkness for me, but Jimin became my light.” Jimin added, “We’ve performed as a group for so long, so (solo performance) looked lonely. I don’t think I can do it.”

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