Lee Byung Hun Says ‘Emergency Declaration’ Is a Movie That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Riding a Roller Coaster

Lee Byung Hun moive

In an interview about his new movie Emergency Declaration, Lee Byung Hun talked about returning to the silver screen after a while.

 Lee Byung Hun moive
Credit: BH entertainment

Q1. How do you feel about showing a new movie after a long time?

The pandemic started to spread when The Man Standing Next was receiving great love. I’ve been working hard on filming since then, and Emergency Declaration is the first to hit the screen. I’ve just been filming movies, and it was nice to actually meet the audience at the premiere.

Q2. How did you feel after you read the script?

The people who’ve seen the movie will know, but the movie starts with much tension. I felt the same way. It was a series of tension and bewilderment. I enjoyed the scripts as if I was riding on a roller coaster.

Q3. How did Lee Min Jung react after the VIP premiere?

Lee Min Jung is filming a new project, so she said she wasn’t sure if she could make it. But I told her that I’d love to have her there. Thankfully she came, but we were both so busy that we couldn’t even text each other. Later, she texted me, “I have a filming tomorrow, but my eyes are swollen!”

 Lee Byung Hun moive
Credit: BH entertainment

Q4. How did you play Jae Hyuk, a father with one daughter and a man with panic disorder?

When the director first told me about the character, he said he wanted him to look like an ordinary father. He has his own story, but I thought he was the representative of passengers and the first to express the fear and terror they’re feeling. He’s a man who is already feeling fear from the moment he boards the plane, so he’s startled by even the smallest movements and sticks his head out to observe what’s happening.

Q5. You opened up about your panic disorder at the premiere.

When I was 26, I got on a plane to go to the States after finishing Beautiful Lady, and that’s when I first felt the panic disorder. I clearly remember that moment. I thought I was going to die right there. Now I can laugh about it, but it was really tough at the time.

Q6. A rolling gimbal was used to shoot the scene where the plane rotates 360 degrees. How was the filming?

We had to bring in the equipment from the States. With the outbreak of the pandemic, everything got postponed, so we had to make the gimbal. We’ve confirmed the safety dozens of times, but there were still worries since it had to rotate with like 100 actors in. But I think that terror helped with our acting. But later, we got used to it and it felt like we were riding on a ride.

Q7. Every work you do, you are praised for your performance.

Every time I hear it, I feel proud and thrilled to be an actor. I’m worried that there might be a moment when I can’t meet the audience’s expectations, but if I know that I’ve done my best in doing my part, then what comes next is the audience’s opinion.

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