Joo Won Reveals What It Was Like Filming ‘Carter’ and His Thoughts on Its Sequel

Joo Won Carter
Netflix Carter Joo Won
Credit: GQ Korea

Joo Won recently graced the August issue of GQ magazine, showing off his undeniable charisma in the new pictorials.

The new pictures of Joo Won have him with new looks that he has never shown before, as his fit physique blends seamlessly with the concept of the photoshoot.

Netflix Carter Joo Won
Credit: GQ Korea

In an interview following the photo shoot, the actor revealed what it was like juggling different projects at the same time: “I made a TV comeback with Alice, and while filming the series, I was also working on the movie titled Firefighter, then I had another musical project. After wrapping up the production for the movie and musical, I immediately went to shoot Carter.” He added, “The shooting ended at the end of 2021. Some of my friends told me to take a break, but I was worried that people would not remember who I am.” 

Joo Won also shared his thoughts on the show’s sequel: “Every member of the Carter team expects that I will refuse to star in its sequel if it ever happens because the shooting process was so intense. But I am more than happy to do it again. I had a lot of fun filming the project.”

Netflix Carter Joo Won
Credit: GQ Korea
Netflix Carter Joo Won
Credit: GQ Korea

The actor added, “My motto is ‘do the best at what you do, and things will pay off.’ So I think the process is what matters the most.” He then remarked, “My goal is to make my 30s better than my 20s and my 40s better than my 30s. I think I’m on the right track so far.”

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