‘Alienoid’ Star Kim Tae Ri Says That She Wants to Star in a Melodrama in the Future

Kim Tae Ri Alienoid
Kim Tae Ri Alienoid
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Kim Tae Ri shared that Twenty-Five Twenty-One has turned her life around in a recent interview for Alienoid.

Alienoid: Part One �follows a group of Taoists from the Goryeo dynasty who mistakenly open a time portal in search of a legendary sword. The portal connects them to humans from 2022, who are tasked with finding an extraterrestrial prisoner locked in a human body.

Kim Tae Ri plays Lee Ahn, who carries around a pistol in the 14th century of the Goryeo Dynasty. She revealed that her character in the movie came off too cool for what she had initially imagined in a recent interview. She elaborated, “Director Choi Dong Hoon tends to portray his characters very aptly, and those chaotic yet loveable characters get their cool moments to shine in the film. But I think Lee Ahn was too perfect and frigid throughout the movie, so I asked the director to tweak the character a bit to give her a humorous side. And that’s how we came up with her.”

When asked why she wanted her character to be “less perfect,” the actress answered, “I think I was always hiding my true self in all of my previous works. For example, when playing Ae Shin in Mr. Sunshine, I spoke in a low-pitched voice to create a certain personality for the character. I did the same for Space Sweepers, where I starred as Captain Jang. I found that I’d set a limit for myself, but, now, I am completely satisfied with who I am.”

Kim Tae Ri Alienoid
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Regarding what changed her mind, the actress explained, “I think Twenty-Five Twenty-One was my turning point. I was literally at the lowest point of my life when I was filming the drama. However, I got very lucky, and through the success of the drama, I gained the courage to get myself ready for the next show.” She added, “That is how I was able to start a new chapter.”

To the question about her potential as an actress, she replied, laughing, “I try to set no limits for myself. If I do, then I would have to change my career path. I see a lot of potential in me, and that’s what motivates me to pursue what I do. I cannot wait to show various sides of me through different works down the road.”

As for her future plans, Kim Tae Ri said, “Though I do not have any particular work in mind, I want to do a melodrama if I ever get a chance. Not right now, though. I would like to do one when I think I am ready.”

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