Park Eun Bin Actually Loved Kang Tae Oh’s Gift in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’

Extraordinary Attorney Woo ep 5
Extraordinary Attorney Woo ep 5
Credit: ENA, Twitter Korea

Twitter Korea unveiled the unreleased clip of the popular drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

On the 14th, Twitter Korea released a short clip from Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘s episode 5 with the caption “Did Young Woo really throw away Jun Ho’s gift?”

The clip starts by showing Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) clearing up her office and finding Lee Jun Ho’s (Kang Tae Oh) gift. After finding the box, she takes out the ball-like object and fumbles with it.

And that moment, something marvelous happened. Waves were projected onto the ceiling. Woo Young Woo waved her hands, enjoying the feeling as if she were swimming in the water.

Lee Jun Ho bought this gift in episode 3, but at the time, it looked like she didn’t even know what that was. In episode 4, Woo Young Woo answered that she’d thrown it away when Lee Jun Ho asked her if she saw the gift he left for her in her office. But as it turns out, Woo Young Woo didn’t throw the gift away but actually loved it.

After the clip was released, drama fans commented, “Why did they cut this scene?” “It’s so beautiful,” and “Jun Ho presented the ocean to Young Woo, who loves whales. That’s so romantic.”

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