Kim Hee Seon Talks About Why She Chose Netflix Series ‘Remarriage & Desires’

kdrama Remarriage and Desires
kdrama Remarriage and Desires
Credit: ZAPZEE

Kim Hee Seon will turn into a woman on a revenge mission in the new Netflix original series Remarriage & Desires.

On Wednesday, the upcoming series Remarriage & Desires held its press conference, which cast and Director Kim Jung Min attended.

“‘Marriage Information Agency (matchmaking agency)’ only exists in Korea,” the actress shared. “It might be a little weird to divide people into ranks, but I thought, ‘Isn’t all human desires basically the same?’ It was fun that the drama deals with a culture that only exists in Korea. Netflix also said that they’ve never produced a genre like this before. I can’t wait to see how the viewers around the world will accept it.” She then added, “Maybe this Korean culture will spread and create a similar culture around the world.”

kdrama Remarriage and Desires
Credit: ZAPZEE

Remarriage & Desires tells the story of revenge and desires at a top-class matchmaking agency Rex, where the lust for money outweighs true love. Seo Hye Seung (Kim Hee Seon) hits rock bottom when her husband cheats on her and dies. She joins Rex and meets her now-dead husband’s mistress Jin Yoo Hee (Jung Eugene). Her ultimate goal is to marry Lee Hyung Joo (Lee Hyun Wook), a venture company executive worth $1.5 billion.

“Hye Seung’s personality is completely different from mine,” Kim Hee Sun explained. “After her husband dies in a tragic accident, she runs into Yoo Hee. And she bites the bullet to get revenge for her late husband.” She added, “Actually, I wanted a thrilling revenge story. It was so frustrating, but how Hye Seung goes step by step in her revenge will be a key point of the show.”

Meanwhile, Remarriage & Desires will be released on the 15th.

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