YouTuber Claims that Kim Seon Ho Suffered from Health Issues and Explains Why He’s Coming Back in a Play

Kim Seon Ho
Kim Seon Ho
Credit: SALT Entertainment

A claim has been raised that Kim Seon Ho, who’s making his comeback in a theater play, suffered from a health issue due to extreme stress last year.

On the 9th, Lee Jin Ho, an entertainment reporter-turned-YouTuber, posted a video about Kim Seon Ho recently.

In the video, Lee mentioned, “Kim Seom Ho, who suspended his activities for ten months, is making his comeback in a play. He’s appearing in the play Touching the Void, which premiered on the 8th.”

“There have been lots of rumors about the actor. ‘He was taken to the ER, so the reporters are waiting in front of the entrance’ – this was one of them,” he added. “But I’ve checked the facts, and this was false. However, it is true that Kim Seo Ho had some health issues.” Lee Jin Ho claimed, “His immune system was weakened due to extreme stress, and he contracted shingles and received treatments for a while. In fact, he looks slimmer than before in the promotional video for the play.”

Kim Seon Ho
Credit: SALT Entertainment

Lee Jin Ho also explained why Kim Seon Ho chose Touching the Void as his comeback project. “Kim Seon Ho used to be a theater actor,” he commented. “Even when he reached his prime on TV, he stayed friends with his fellow actors from the theater. When he was having a difficult time, these friends became a great help. And these friendships led to an offer in the play, and that’s why Kim Seon Ho chose a play for his comeback.”

The YouTuber continued, “I also heard that 2 Days & 1 Night members also supported him. Since the controversy (over his private life) was a sensitive issue, the members encouraged and took care of Kim Seon Ho quietly. ”

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