Han Ji Min Shares that She Tried All Kinds of Cigarettes for Her Role in ‘Miss Baek’

Han Ji Min You Quiz on the Block
Han Ji Min You Quiz on the Block
Credit: tvN

Han Ji Min opened up about her shocking transformation in the movie Miss Baek.

In the “Talent You Want to Steal” episode of tvN’s You Quiz on the Block, aired on the 6th, Han Ji Min appeared as the guest.

The actress recalled the difficulty she had to face. “It wasn’t just about the movie being a movie with a female lead,” she shared. “Investors pulled out because I was the one playing that role, and no distribution company stepped out, so the release got delayed a lot.” Han Ji Min added, “I was worried that that wasn’t the image that people expected from me, and I think investors were concerned about the same thing. I get it, though. So I wanted to do an excellent job.”

Han Ji Min You Quiz on the Block
Credit: tvN

Yoo Jae Suk asked her, “I heard that you tried all kinds of cigarettes. Is that true?” This referred to the fact that Han Ji Min was seen smoking a lot in the movie. “After I completed the movie, I knew that all the focus would be on me smoking. I mean, from my first scene, I was smoking,” she answered.

She continued, “But there wasn’t any place where I could practice (smoking). So I asked the smokers I know to teach me. I didn’t want to look awkward since a lot of people smoke. I had cigarettes in my mouth all the time.” Han Ji Min then cheerfully added, “A lot of people ask me if I had quit, and yes, I have.”

The actress recalled the time she shed tears after winning the best actress awards at major film awards. “At first, only like 10,000 or 20,000 saw the movie,” she said. “In that case, the theaters stop screening the movie only after a week or so. At the time, I thought the movie would’ve seen better results if I hadn’t been the one to star in it. I burst into tears, thinking about that moment.”

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