2PM Junho Says He Couldn’t be More Thrilled to Win the Best Actor at the Baeksang Arts Awards

2PM Junho The Red Sleeve
2PM Junho The Red Sleeve
Credit: JTBC

Junho made a successful TV return through MBC’s �The Red Sleeve after his military discharge. He received rave reviews for his excellent portrayal of King Jeongjo and Yi San and won the Best Acting Award in the TV category as well as the TikTok Popularity Award at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards. JTBC reporters sat down with Junho to ask him about what it was like winning two awards at the prominent event.

Q1. Did you know that you are going to win the awards?

Attending the ceremony itself meant a lot to me, and I was thrilled when I found my name on the nominee’s list. I wanted to win an award, but I didn’t actually expect to win.

Q2. How did you feel when your name was first called?

I was dazed. I didn’t notice that it was my name that got called, so I just went, ‘Wow, what’s going on here?’ and ‘Wait, is this really happening?’ I must admit that the presence of the director and the cast members helped relieve my nervousness. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have received such a high honor.

Q3. You must have received countless messages of congratulations.

Many people at the event gave their blessings to me, which made me very happy. I also received lots of messages. 2 PM members also congratulated me in our group chat.


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Q4. ‘The Red Sleeve’ has undoubtedly become an essential part of your filmography.

This was my first project after being discharged from the military. Many things have changed in the last two years, and it was refreshing to experience the new filming environments. I loved being on sets and working with crews. I want to continue creating such beautiful experiences in the future. I believe the positive energy at the filming site contributed to the brilliant outcome. The results may not always be good, but I want to create a fun environment while working and that made me think more about what I do.

Q5. How has your life changed after you starred in this drama?

My parents are just completely smitten. I’ve always worked in the field, so I cannot really feel the difference. But, as I have said, I’ve grown into a more responsible person in creating a fun environment at the filming site. From last year to this year, I received numerous awards for the works I have starred in, and I believe that is the most significant change in my life.

Q6. You’ve made a quick decision about your next project: ‘King the Land.’

I’m not sure if I made a quick decision or not, but I enjoy working and I find it difficult to take long breaks in between projects. I still have several days until my next filming schedule.

Q7. How do you want to be remembered as an actor? �

It may seem a little ambitious, but I want to be a consistently improving actor. As long as I’m in the field, I hope to continue improving as I want to pursue acting and take pride in what I do.


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