The New Yi Sun Sin Movie Unveils Stellar Lineup Including Ahn Sung Ki, Gong Myung, Ok Taeyeon, and More

Ok Taecyeon movie Hansan
‘Hansan: The Emergence of Dragons’ (literal title) has raised expectations by unveiling the full cast members.
Ok Taecyeon movie Hansan
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Hansan: The Emergence of Dragons (hereinafter as Hansan) depicts the Battle of Hansan Island, a naval battle between the Japanese and Korean fleets that took place in 1592. This is five years before the Battle of Myeongnyang depicted in The Admiral: Roaring Currents.

The movie presents a new spectrum by combining the representative actors of two generations leading the Korean cinema – Park Hae Il (Yi Sun Sin) and Byun Yohan (Wakisaka). And joining them in the cast are a slew of veteran actors and passionate rookies.

First, Ahn Sung Gi plays Eo Young Dam, a military official in charge of protecting the south sea of Joseon. Silently keeping the side of Yi Sun Sin, the veteran actor will fill the screen with his soft charisma. Another veteran actor Son Hyun Joo takes on the role of Won Gyun, a strategist who believes that defense is the only way of protecting Joseon. He’ll be adding weight to the storyline by confronting Yi Sun Sin in the methods they pursue.

Gong Myung transforms into Yi Eokgi, the commander who stays loyal to Yi Sun Sin, while Park Ji Hwan turns into Na Dae Yong, who builds the turtle ship.

Ok Taecyeon movie Hansan
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

There are also actors who’ll heighten the tension by portraying the Japanese military officials. First, Kim Sung Kyu plays Junsa, a Japanese who fights against the Japanese military. Portraying a man who’ll fight with all his might for his belief and Joseon, the actor will make the viewers think about the meaning of the war. Additionally, Kim Sung Kyun takes on the role of Kato who goes up against Wakisaka, exuding a cool charisma he has never shown before.

On top of that, Kim Hyang Gi plays Jung Bo Reum, a spy who went undercover in the Japanese military as Wakisaka’s close aid, and flawlessly expresses a character that isn’t afraid to sacrifice herself for the right thing. Lastly, Ok Taecyeon plays Lim Jun Young, a lookout working for the Joseon naval force.

Meanwhile, Hansan will hit the screen on July 27th.

Source: Lotte Entertainment

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