Lee Joon and Kang Hanna Leaves Fans 100% Satisfied With Their Happy Ending in ‘Bloody Heart’

Bloody Heart final episode
Bloody Heart final episode
Credit: KBS

Tuesday gave Lee Joon and Kang Hanna a happy ending on the final episode of Bloody Heart.

The drama ended on its highest average nationwide rating to date, recording 8.9 percent on average. Many weekly viewers tuned into the show for its interesting plot as the weak king Lee Tae (played by Lee Joon) became a powerful monarch and gained the courage to fight against his political enemy, Park Kye Won(Jang Hyuk). His romance with Yoo Jung (Kang Hanna) and his twisted family relationship with Choi Ga Yeon (Park Ji Yeon) also grabbed viewers’ attention. Plus, the beautiful cinematography and colorful costumes played a part in adding quality to the series.

Lee Joon successfully portrayed King Lee Tae, who came up with a genius plan to revenge on his political opponent. Kang Hanna breathed life into her character, Yoo Jung, who was exceptional at politics. Jang Hyuk also did a brilliant job of playing a man filled with ambition and lust for power, showing a different side of him caring for his country and harboring feelings toward the king’s stepmother.

The first episode of Bloody Heart recorded an average nationwide viewership rating of 6.3 percent. It maintained 6 to 8 percent of viewership ratings throughout its run and broke its 7 percent mark on its 12th episode.

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