NCT’s Haechan Says the Time Has Come for NCT Dream to Make a Change

NCT Haechan
NCT Haechan
Credit: @star1 Magazine

NCT’s Haechan posed for the first solo pictorial since his debut.

@star1 Magazine revealed the pictorial for Haechan, who recently made his comeback as NCT Dream with the repackaged album Beatbox. Spending a busy day with the overseas tour schedule, Haechan said, “It didn’t hit me until I was on my way to the airport, and it was awkward. But it felt amazing to be able to meet the fans and perform in front of them.”

All the members of NCT Dream became adults last year. “We talked about how it was time for us to make changes in our concept,” the idol replied. “All the Dream members debuted at a young age, so people would have cheered us even if we were clumsy. So we’re preparing more tenaciously for our performance so that our fans can feel ‘they’re really showing something now.'”

NCT Haechan
Credit: @star1 Magazine

When asked about how he grew since his debut, Haechan answered, “I still talk the same as I did when I made my debut. But right now, I am trying to figure out what I can do well and the strengths I can have at this age. I think there’s a charm that only 23-year-old Haechan can show.”

“I want to compliment myself for not giving up even during the rough patches,” he added. “It was our members that helped me through those difficult times.”

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