Lee Byung Hun Talks About the Failures He Experienced Before Finally Achieving Fame

Lee Byung Hun Movie
Lee Byung Hun Movie
Credit: ViBLE

The success story of Lee Byung Hun is pulling at the heartstrings of many as the story revealed that he was once a struggling actor that no one knew about.

“ViBLE,” a platform that features the voices and stories of experts from various fields of profession, recently uploaded a YouTube video titled,” The Opportunity Lee Byung Hun Caught on the Verge of Failure.” In the video, the actor said, “All the movies I starred in 1990s didn’t do good. Who Drives Me Crazy (1995), Run Away (1995), Kill the Love (1996) and Lament (1997) completely failed at the box office.”

“People around me often said, ‘Byung Hun, I’m telling you this because we’re friends. I’m not sure if you should continue your path as an actor. People are usually given three chances, but if you fail to seize the third chance, then it would be very difficult to become successful as an actor.’ Then, my third movie didn’t do well at the box office. Although I miraculously got another opportunity to film a fourth time, it ended up being another box office flop,” the male star revealed.

However, the celebrity’s fifth film, The Harmonium in My Memory (1999), became hugely successful at the box office. He then emerged as an A-list star as his follow-up movie Joint Security Area (2000) became a box office smash. Since then, he has become a much-loved star who has starred in various works for 27 years.

After watching the video, internet users were impressed by his perseverance and passion for his work. Some users wrote, “Lee Byung Hyun is so humble. He never took any break from his career. That’s how he became a real actor,” “He can perfectly pull off any character,” and “Thank you for not giving up.”

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