BTS Becomes the Biggest Celebrity Food and Drink Endorsers in South Korea

BTS food and drink endorsement
BTS food and drink endorsement
Credit: Mnet

During the 15th broadcast of Mnet’s TMI NEWS, the K-pop stars ranked first among eleven of the biggest celebrity food and drink endorsers.

Last May, the boy band collaborated with McDonald’s and ‘The BTS Meal’ became globally available in nearly fifty countries around the globe, including the U.S. For the first time in about 67 years, the American franchise decided to change its signature colors for the product packaging from red and yellow to the group’s iconic purple color that symbolizes ARMY. The meal consisting of 10- or 9-piece chicken McNuggets, medium French fries and a medium Coke went on sale globally in fifty burger chains. The K-superstar also tried to promote the Korean language through their BTS meal, which after advertizing it in stores around the world, sales immediately jumped by 40.5 percent.

The sales of food items mentioned by the members also rose dramatically. During their world tour, Jimin was seen eating Korean spicy ramen, leaving fans wondering about what he ate. Since then, many global fans kicked off the spicy noodle challenge, leading noodles sales to increase by 158 percent in the United States.

In addition, after Jungkook introduced his go-to Kombucha during a broadcast, the company’s monthly supply was sold out in just three days. After two weeks, overseas sales of the product skyrocketed by over 800 percent and its sales in China increased by 1,800 percent. Besides, sales of rice cakes and red pepper paste rose after the K-pop group was sighted enjoying tteokbokki.

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