Top Celebrity Home Interiors: Junsu, BLACKPINK’s Jennie & BTS’ RM

korean top Celebrity Home Interiors
Top Celebrity Home Interiors
Credit: Mnet

The latest episode of Mnet’s TMI NEWS SHOW, aired on June 8th, introduced luxurious interiors of celebrity homes under the theme of “Best 11 Expensive Interiors of Stars.”

2NE1’s Sandara Park landed at No. 11. The singer has a display case filled with about 80 pairs of Nike sneakers at her house. It is said that there are about five to six times that at her family house. Also, in Sandara Park’s dressing room, there is a hanger made by an Italian company A. Although it may look ordinary at first glance, it offers sturdy support and costs up to 4 million KRW (about $3,160).

Tenth place went to model and TV personality Han Hye Jin. She has her own fitness room. There is an InBody machine that can perform accurate body composition analysis, and the price of this machine that she bought for her diet was 17.5 million KRW (about $13,840). On top of that, she also owns a treadmill from company T, which you can find in a fitness center in high-end hotels. The product costs 7.6 million KRW (about $6,010).

Junsu ranked fourth. According to the show, the coach in his living room is worth 90 million KRW (about $71,165) and the desk and the chair in his study are priced at 35 million KRW (about $27,670). The kitchen lamp he owns is from Italian company F and costs about 33 million KRW (about $26,090). Jason, who was watching the video, further explained, “You have to stand in a line to buy that lamp.” The total pricing for Junsu’s house interior is over 175 million KRW (about $138,380).

BLACKPINK’s Jennie came in third. “The most important thing for Jennie is comfort,” Boom explained. “Jennie’s bed is a product of Company H, famous for its iconic blue check design. It’s a made-to-order product, so 6 or more craftsmen work for up to 6 months.” The coach from French company R that Jennie owns is also an expensive product. The idol has a matching armchair that goes with the coach, and they each cost 9.6 million KRW (about $7,590) and 5.9 million KRW (about $4,665). Additionally, Company R’s round chair has kept its unique design for about 50 years, and it’s priced at 3.2 million KRW (about $2,530). Jennie also owns a speaker from Italian company B worth 15.9 million KRW (about $12,570). The human-shaped design is its signature. The singer’s luxury home appliance from US brand S is about 40 million KRW (about $31,630). The total pricing for Jennie’s house interior is over 224 million KRW (about $177,110).

First place went to BTS’ RM, “the world star who loves art.” There are several art pieces in RM’s studio. He owns a collection of artworks by the late artist Yun Hyong Keun and its estimated price is about 164 million KRW (about $129,700). Boom explained, “The furniture and artworks in his studio add up to 300 million KRW (about $237,246).” RM’s love for art is also shown in his home. Sculptor Kwon Jin Kyu’s “Horse” is estimated to have cost about 300 million KRW (about $237,250), and the piece by Whanki Kim was estimated at 195 million KRW (about $154,210). Besides them, he owns more than 1.2 billion KRW (about $948,990) worth of artworks in his house.

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