‘Why Her?’ vs. ‘Doctor Lawyer’: Which Friday-Saturday Series Will Win the Ratings Battle?

Credit: SBS, MBC
Credit: SBS, MBC

SBS and MBC are releasing the new Friday-Saturday dramas at the same time.

Last year, the two networks, SBS and MBC, started the ratings battle for their Friday-Saturday dramas with One the Woman and The Veil. This battle continued to SBS’s Now, We Are Breaking Up vs. MBC’s The Red Sleeve and SBS’s Through the Darkness vs. MBC’s Tracer.

On June 3rd, SBS and MBC will start another ratings battle. And this time, they are both court dramas. SBS’s Why Her? is gaining attention for Seo Hyun Jin’s acting transformation, while MBC’s Doctor Lawyer is making headlines as Seo Ji Sub’s comeback project. Which of these two will get the upper hand?


Why Her?

Credit: SBS


SBS’s Why Her? tells the story of the coldhearted lawyer Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin), who becomes empty while pursuing only success, and law school student Gong Chan (Hwang In Youp), who isn’t afraid of anything when it comes to protecting her.

It is a mystery court drama about a big-time lawyer Oh Soo Jae getting caught up in an unexpected incident and digging into the secrets from the past after being ousted to be an adjunct professor at a law school. Seo Hyun Jin, who had mostly played cheerful characters in the past, returns as the incarnation of desire. “She is a character who has no distinction between good and evil,” the actress shared. “I wanted to try something new. And I wanted to try a different tone.” Seo Hyun Jin, Hwang In Youp, Bae In Hyuk‘s love triangle is also something to look out for.


Doctor Lawyer

Kdrama Doctor Lawyer
Credit: MBC

MBC’s Doctor Lawyer is a medical suspense court drama about a genius surgeon who became a lawyer after losing everything due to a fabricated surgery and a prosecutor in the medical crime department. It’s So Ji Sub‘s comeback to the small screen four years after his marriage.

Like the title that combines doctor and lawyer, Doctor Lawyer presents a unique genre that fuses the medical and legal genres. It is said that the actor is putting great effort into getting familiar with the unfamiliar terms and surgical tools in order to pull off the role of a doctor and a lawyer. He plans to show a humane and respectful charm in the process of revenge. Expectations are also high for his chemistry with Shin Sung Rok, playing the mysterious Jaden Lee, and Im Soo Hyung, playing prosecutor Geum Seok Young.

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