Is This Racism or Not?: Jamie Lee Curtis Made Lee Seo Jin Carry Her Handbag So She Could Take Photos

Lee Seo Jin
Lee Seo Jin
Credit: tvN

Viewers are debating over how Lee Seo Jin was treated at the Academy Awards.

In the latest episode of tvN’s Unexpected Yuh Jung, Youn Yuh Jung was seen attending her 94th Academy Awards. Lee Seo Jin tagged along as her manager.

In this episode, producer Lee In Ah found Lee Seo Jin holding a lady’s handbag and asked her, “Who’s handbag are you holding?” The actor answered that it belonged to actress Jamie Lee Curtis, whom he had no acquaintance with.

Turns out, she just handed her the bag and made him carry it so she could take photos. “She told me to hold onto it. Does she even know who I am?” Lee Seo Jin chuckled as he said. The subtitle added to the scene read, “Unexpectedly became an international porter.” After taking the photos, Curtis took the bag from Seo Jin without thanking him.

Afterwards, viewers debated over whether or not Lee Seo Jin was subjected to racism. Some commented that what she did was rude – “He was clearly dressed for the event. She shouldn’t have done that,” “She doesn’t even know him,” “I bet it’s because he was an Asian. She didn’t even thank him,” “Doesn’t she have her own staff?”

However, some mentioned that it was a special circumstance – “She must have misunderstood,” “He was there as a manager, so that could have confused her.”

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