GFRIEND’s Yerin Says She Recorded ‘ARIA’ 1500 Times to Improve Its Quality

Credit: Cosmopolitan

Former GFRIEND member Yerin talked about her mini-album ARIA, which sings about her own story.

Yerin posed for the June issue of Cosmopolitan. In an interview conducted afterwards, the singer opened up about her solo debut and her life. “I’m nervous and excited,” Yerin opened up about her solo debut. “The fact that I’m making my solo debut didn’t really hit me until this morning. But it finally has, now that I’ve shot the pictorial.”

“I felt so small while preparing for the album,” Yerin said. “Even while recording and shooting for the album cover, I thought if I’m good enough to release an album.” She added, “I always feel like I’m lacking, and whatever I do, I’m not at all satisfied. So I recorded the title song 1,500 times. You know, you feel like you can do better if you do it one more time.”

Credit: Cosmopolitan
Credit: Cosmopolitan

To Yerin, a friend is something indispensable. “There are Red Velvet’s Joy, Apink’s Hayoung, and non-celebrity friend Seo Hyun,” she replied. “They’re all my friends from high school.”

What does Yeri like the most about herself? “My smiling face,” she answered. “People say that I look happy when I’m smiling. I like how my face is so friendly and approachable.” Yerin further opened up about her life. “There are many times in life when you think about whether you should do it or not. I think the process of leaving behind such worries and taking one step at a time, growing up like that, is the ‘breakaway.'”

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