Kim Hee Seon Shares How She Feels About Her Recently Ended MBC Drama ‘Tomorrow’

Kdrama Tomorrow Kim Hee Seon
Kdrama Tomorrow Kim Hee Seon
Credit: Hinge Entertainment

Kim Hee Seon recently shared her thoughts on her recently-ended MBC drama Tomorrow. Kim Hee Sun played grim reaper Gu Ryun, who guides and saves the dead alongside Rowoon, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Yoon Ji On.

Q1. How do you feel about ending the drama?

Tomorrow was a story that I wanted to tell someone. When we look around, many people are going through hardship because of many reasons. I thought that it would be nice to have a drama to comfort those around us, and I guess I was lucky enough to meet tomorrow.

Q2. Why did you choose ‘Tomorrow’ as your comeback project? �

South Korea has the highest suicide rate among OECD countries. I read in an article that over 13 thousand people had taken their lives, and it was heartbreaking. That is why I decided to take on this project.

Q3. What message did you hope to convey through ‘Tomorrow’?

Life is worth living. I also wanted to send a heartfelt message of hope and courage to those who are going through difficult times. As I watched Tomorrow after filming, I myself have also learned how to look around, sympathize with those in pain, and comfort those in sadness. It is a drama that helped me grow a lot.

Kdrama Tomorrow Kim Hee Seon
Credit: Hinge Entertainment

Q4. What kind of effort did you put into transforming the original webtoon character into a live-action character?

I tried to stick with the original webtoon character. I thought it was crucial for me to do so. The character Gu Ryun’s differs slightly from the original character, but I figured that the two would share similar pain and wounds. If I tried to change the character too much, I thought Gu Ryun would become a different person in the present. That’s why I imagined the characters as one figure and considered Gu Ryun as myself.

Q5. How was working with Rowoon, Lee Soo Hyuk and Yoon Ji On?

Rowoon is young but very mature. He is extremely thoughtful, and I couldn’t feel the age gap while I was working with him. Lee Soo Hyuk may seem icy and chic, but he is a very nice, delicate, and caring guy. He is very considerate and looks after people around him. Ji On is very much committed to his work. He is a diligent and self-disciplined guy. They are much younger than me, but I had much to learn from them.

Q6. Were there any memorable reactions from your friends or viewers? �

My family and friends told me that they were enjoying this drama and complimented me that it is a well-made one. I felt so grateful to hear that. It was especially meaningful because my daughter seemed to enjoy watching it. I recall one person leaving a really touching comment that said, ‘If even one person has been positively affected by watching Tomorrow, I think this drama is a success. That one person is me’. It was why I decided to star in this drama. I cannot express how much grateful I am to hear that from somebody.

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