Hwang Minhyun Turns into a Romantic Young Gentleman in ‘Alchemy of Souls’

Alchemy of Souls Hwang Minhyun
Credit: tvN
Alchemy of Souls Hwang Minhyun
Credit: tvN

Hwang Minhyun will be showing off his gentleman-like charms in the upcoming series Alchemy of Souls.

tvN’s new weekend series Alchemy of Souls is a fantasy romance drama set in a country that doesn’t exist in history or on maps. It follows the protagonists whose fate has been twisted due to the soul-changing magic.

In the drama, Hwang Minhyun plays Seo Yul, a genius gentleman of the Seo Family in the country of Daeho. Seo Yul is so perfect – his intelligence, personality, and handsome looks – that he is quite dull with what’s happening in real life. After meeting the mysterious girl, he only has his eyes on her.

Alchemy of Souls Hwang Minhyun
Credit: tvN

The released stills show Hwang Minhyun’s transformation into a man with beauty and graceful posture. It is said that this gentleman also has a first love that he can’t forget – so what’s his story and why does he still hold onto her?

The production team shared, “Hwang Minhyun is going to make viewers’ hearts flutter as a gentleman who can’t forget his first love. Please wait and see how Minhyun, who plays Seo Yul, a genius and an innocent man who only has his eyes on his first love, will win your heart with his performance in Alchemy of Souls.”

Meanwhile, Alchemy of Souls will premiere on June 18th at 9:10 PM KST.

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