South Korean Celebrities Who Own at Least $1 Million Worth of Real Estate: Han So Hee, Hyun Bin, Jun Ji Hyun and More

south korean stars real estate
south korean stars real estate
Credit: Mnet

Mnet’s TMI NEWS SHOW released the list of stars who “flexed” expensive real estate.

Han So Hee landed in 14th place. She bought a real estate property located in Achiwool Village in Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do, the so-called Beverly Hills of Korea. She paid the full 2.15 billion KRW (about $1.7 million) in cash.

Lee Ji Ah ranked 13th with her luxury house in a multi-purpose building located in Cheongdam-dong. Eric and Han Hyo Joo live in the same building. She paid 3.02 billion KRW (about $2.37 million), all in cash.

MAMAMOO’s Solar came in 12th. She bought a small building in the station district in 2021. The price was 4.5 billion KRW (about $3.54 million) and the monthly rent she gets is 7 million KRW (about $5,510).

Hyun Bin ranked 11th. He reconstructed a multi-family house that he bought for 4.8 billion KRW (about $3.78 million) in 2013 as an entertainment agency, and the current market price is estimated to be over 10 billion KRW (about $7.87 million). It’s said that the penthouse he chose as his newlywed house with Son Ye Jin is 4.8 billion KRW (about $3.78 million).

Seventh place went to Super Junior’s Leeteuk. He bought a building worth 6.07 billion KRW (about $4.77 million) in Sinsa-dong.

Jang Sung Kyu landed in sixth place. After turning freelance, he became the owner of a building in just three years. He bought a building worth 6.5 billion KRW (about $5.11 million) in Cheongdam-dong.

Fifth place went to You Hee Yeol with his office building in Gangnam-gu worth 10.3 billion KRW (about $8.1 million). After visiting the building, Yoo Jae Suk said, “Your office is too big for the situation you’re in now.” And You Hee Yeol responded, “This building is not mine. Half of it belongs to Yoo Jae Suk.”

Bang Si Hyuk landed at the No. 4 spot. He bought an apartment of about 2882 square feet in Hannam-dong for 10.8 billion KRW (about $8.5 million). Now, the price has gone up to 14 billion KRW (about $11.02 million). There are five rooms and bathrooms, and each resident gets six parking spots. Psy and Taeyang-Min Hyo Rin couple live in the same apartment.

Jung Yong Hwa came in third. With his interest in the real estate investment, he bought a building with one basement and seven stories above ground located in the station district for 15.3 billion KRW (about $12.04 million).

Second place went to Jun Ji Hyun. in 2007, she bought a building for 8.6 billion KRW (about $6.77 million) and sold it 14 years later for 23 billion KRW (about $18.1 million). She made nearly a profit of 14.4 billion KRW (about $11.33 million). Also, she sold a building worth 7.5 billion KRW (about $5.9 million) for 13 billion KRW (about $10.22 million). Recently, she purchased a commercial building for 50.5 billion KRW (about $39.72 million), and LG moved into it, paying a monthly rent of 160 million KRW (about $125,840). It is said that the actress owns three commercial real estate properties.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee ranked first. The monthly rental income of the building they bought for 92 billion KRW (about $72.39 million) alone is 200 million KRW (about $157,360). Rain sold the building he bought for 16.8 billion KRW (about $13.22 million) in 2008 for 49.5 billion KRW (about $38.95 million), making a profit of 32.7 billion KRW (about $25.73 million). His wife Kim Tae Hee also earned 7.1 billion KRW (about $5.59 million) by selling the building she bought for 13.2 billion KRW (about $10.39 million) for 20.3 billion KRW (about $15.97 million).

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