Kang Ha Neul Turns into a Vengeful Man with a Cold Heart in ‘Insider’

Kang Ha Neul Kdrama Insider

Kang Ha Neul will fill the screen with his explosive charisma.

Kang Ha Neul Kdrama Insider
Credit: JTBC

JTBC’s Insider unveiled the first still photos of Kang Ha Neul as judicial trainee Kim Yo Han whose fate had made a 180-degree turn.

Insider is an action-suspense drama that tells the story of a judicial trainee named Kim Yohan. When he falls into the bottomless pit while working undercover, he starts a battle to win the fate that was stolen from him. The bone-chilling psychological warfare and thrilling action will unfold on a stage where people’s desires are intertwined. The show comes from Missing: The Other Side director Min Yeon Hong and Priest writer Moon Man Sae.

Kang Ha Neul takes on the role of judicial trainee Kim Yo Han. He ends up behind bars after he gets caught up in an unexpected incident while working undercover in a gambling institution to get proof of corrupt prosecutors. Inside the chaotic, lawless Seongju Prison, he hides his identity and purpose to become the “Insider” and begin his revenge.

Kang Ha Neul Kdrama Insider
Credit: JTBC

The still photos show Kim Yo Han – before and after his life took a new shift. In the first two photos, his eyes are beaming with justice rather than greed. To him, gambling is nothing more than a means to catch the dirtbags. However, he ends up back at the gambling table, but this time, his eyes are burning with something else.

Kang Ha Neul chose the scripts as the reason he chose Insider. “It felt like I was reading a scenario. I couldn’t wait for the next story,” he explained. “Also, I was curious about director Min Yeon Hong’s charisma that leads the scene softly and pleasantly. And it was amazing actually to feel that charisma at the scene.”

Moreover, the actor introduced Kim Yo Han as “someone with a rationality as cold as ice and a heart as hot as fire.” He added, “He’s walking a fine line between his fiery anger and frustration and cold rationality. I tried to focus on not revealing too much but at the same time showing his thoughts.”

Meanwhile, Insider will premiere on June 8th.

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