‘Bloody Heart’ Episode 6 Recap: Lee Joon Reunites With Kang Hanna as His Political Enemy

Bloody Heart episode 6
Credit: KBS
Bloody Heart episode 6
Credit: KBS

Lee Joon showed off his two different charms in the latest episode of KBS’ Bloody Heart.

KBS’Bloody Heart episode 5 shows the shocking reunion between King Lee Tae (played by Lee Joon) and Yoo Jung (Kang Hanna), when she showed up at the royal court as a niece of Park Gye Won (Jang Hyuk). Lee Tae was seen reuniting with Yoo Jung as his political enemy, and she was taken aback as she realized that he was the one who had saved her in the past.

Park Gye Won‘s scheme had Lee Tae all the more cornered. Yoo Jung, who lost everything simply due to her history of being the crown prince’s wife, once again found herself in a crisis. To save her, Lee Tae confirms that Yoo Jung is the niece of Park Gye Won in front of all his royal servants.

Episode 6 features Lee Tae intentionally giving Yoo Jung the cold shoulder. This was because he was afraid of giving Park Gye Won the power to go against him as he got closer to her, although he had saved her in the past. As Yoo Jung becomes his enemy inside the court, he plans to get her out of there. However, she was left with no choice but to stay as his family member’s life was put at risk.

Lee Joon is delicately portraying various sides of Lee Tae, ranging from a helpless and cold-hearted crown prince to a man who harbors a romantic feeling for his love to a monarch with absolute charisma. When waging psychological warfare against Jang Hyuk, Lee Joon keeps his cool-headed attitude toward him, whereas he changes into a completely different person in front of Kang Hanna as he has a soft spot for her. The detailed portrayal of his character’s emotions plays a significant role in the drama’s rating success.

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