Shin Sia Opens Up About Playing the Title Role of the New ‘The Witch’ Installment

The Witch 2 Shin Sia
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Attention is focusing on Shin Sia, who beat out 1408 hopefuls for the title role for Park Hoon Jung’s new action movie ‘The Witch: Part2. The Other One‘.

The Witch 2 Shin Sia
Credit: NEW

“I was stunned,” the actress shared. “I was grateful, and I couldn’t hold back my contentment. The prequel had received so much love, so I got into the work with both the pressure to do a better job and responsibility.” Shin Sia plays “the girl,” who comes out into the world for the first time after waking up in the secret research lab Ark.

Unlike Ja Yoon, played by Kim Da Mi, who appeared as a normal high school girl in The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion, “the girl” is someone who was locked up inside the lab, getting experimented on. “Since she was kept away from the world all her life, I thought she’d be awkward in expressing herself,” Shin Sia explained. “I tried to tell many stories through eyes without big facial movements.”

The Witch 2 Shin Sia
Credit: NEW

Not only did she use mirrors and cameras to find the right face for “the girl,” but she had also cast a spell on herself, telling herself that she was “the girl” before the filming. Cinematographer Kim Young Ho praised her as an actress “who makes people wonder about the story with her mysterious aura and eyes that contain something important.”

The Witch 2 is an action movie centering around “the girl,” the only survivor of a demolished secret laboratory. When she comes out into the world, various forces chase after her with different purposes. The movie boasts an impressive cast and cameo lineup, including Park Eun Bin, Seo Eun Soo, Jin Goo, Sung Yoo Bin, Jo Min Su, Lee Jong Suk, and Kim Da Mi.

Meanwhile, The Witch 2 is slated for release on June 15th.

Source: NEW

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