‘Tomorrow’ Episode 14 Recap: Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Hee Seon’s Past Revealed

Kdrama Tomorrow episode 14
Kdrama Tomorrow episode 14
Credoit: MBC

Episode 14 of MBC’s Tomorrow revealed what had happened between Park Jong Gil (played by Lee Soo Hyuk) and Goo Ryun (Kim Hee Seon) in the past.

Four hundred years ago, Goo Ryun had saved a man dying from a poisonous snake bite while she was on a hunt. That is how the two met for the first time. Having grown fond of each other, the two became a married couple.

However, their sweet marriage didn’t last long as the war broke out. Park Jong Gil went to the battlefield, and Goo Ryun was taken away by the Qing soldiers while fighting against them. Although he came home from the war in one piece, Jong Gil found that the Qing soldiers had taken his wife. Meanwhile, Ryun, her maid and the other women managed to run away from the soldiers by poisoning them to death. When Ryun was about to face another crisis at the border, Jong Gil came to rescue her.

Despite all the hardships they’ve been through, people gave them cold looks upon their arrival. Rumors started circulating that the Qing soldier have taken away the chastity of the women, including Jong Gill’s wife. Outraged by such rumors, Jong Gil drew his sword and slaughtered those who spread such words.

Goo Ryun then committed suicide as she couldn’t bear the thought that she was the one who transformed him into evil. Fast forward to present day, Jong Gil still does not have any memory of Goo Ryun and their marriage in their past life. Viewers are left wondering whether he will end up discovering his past relationship with Ryun and how the two’s relationship will change as the story develops.

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