Son Dam Bi and Lee Kyou Hyuk Reveal They Dated for About a Year 10 Years Ago

Son Dam Bi Lee Kyou Hyuk

Son Dam Bi and Lee Kyou Hyuk opened up about their love story, from their relationship that started 10 years ago to the recent reunion.

Son Dam Bi Lee Kyou Hyuk
Credit: SBS

The soon-to-be-married couple has joined Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny as regular casts. Their appearance in the show has become a hot topic, leading to a rise in viewership.

During the episode, the two surprised everyone by revealing that they were romantically involved for over a year ten years ago when they appeared on the show Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry. They recalled their romance as something “so fiery.” However, they ended their relationship when young Son Dam Bi complained to Lee Kyou Hyuk after he had entered a training camp. Lee Kyou Hyuk said, “If I think about it now, it’s nothing. But back then, I couldn’t wrap my head around why she couldn’t understand what was so important to me.”

Afterwards, the two of them drifted apart, but they had a fateful reunion after ten years. When Son Dam Bi was feeling depressed over the stressful incident, they met again. Son Dam Bi said, “I was worried that we might feel awkward. But the moment I saw him again, I knew that we wouldn’t be awkward.” She continued, “Talking to him, I found that what had been troubling me was lifted up a little, and I was smiling at some point.”

Hearing her words, Lee Kyou Hyuk told her, “I heard that you were having a tough time. I’ve always been supporting you since we had a past together ten years ago. I wanted you to feel better,” which brought Son Dam Bi to tears. Recalling the comfort that she had received from him, Son Dam Bi said, “I thought I was blessed. I felt like I was being comforted.”

The two remembered the day they didn’t stop talking until six in the morning and agreed that it was the day “that has changed their fates.”

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