Ji Chang Wook Talks About Playing Magician in ‘The Sound of Magic,’ His Childhood, and Resembling Howl from ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’

The Sound of Magic

Ji Chang Wook has returned as a magician.

The Sound of Magic
Credit: Netflix

In Netflix’s The Sound of Magic, Ji Chang Wook plays mysterious magician Ri Eul, who presents the world of dream to Yoon Ai (Choi Sung Eun) and Na Il Deung (Hwang In Youp). “First, I practiced singing and magic for a long time. Acting is the most important, of course, but songs and magic played a vital role in the drama,” he shared.

What should the viewers look for in The Sound of Magic? “I think it’s sympathy. Some worry about financial struggles, and some worry about low grades. I had those worries too,” the actor replied. “Everyone has their worries. And The Sound of Magic is a work that tells all their stories.”

It’s surprising that Ji Chang Wook, the famous Hallyu star, can relate to financial struggles, but according to the actor, he had a tough childhood. “In a way, I spent a very normal yet financially struggling childhood. I grew up under a single mother, and when I was young, I lacked a lot,” he shared. “Enduring that wasn’t easy. I matured sooner. But I overcame them with my mom’s love.”

The Sound of Magic
Credit: Netflix
The Sound of Magic
Credit: Netflix

The Sound of Magic is based on a popular webtoon. “Ri Eul is very fantasy-like, but at the same time very realistic. He’s a very complicated character, so it was hard for me to grasp the right tone. But it was also a lot of fun,” Ji Chang Wook said.

Since the series was released, viewers have been commenting that he resembles Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle. “It’s really embarrassing,” he answered. “When I first discussed the role with the director, he mentioned Howl a lot. So I thought to myself, ‘How am I supposed to play Howl?’ I didn’t try to follow Howl, but I think the characters have similarities – like the innocence like in the fairytale and how they’re hiding versatile charms within them. Anyhow, it’s embarrassing to say these things with my own mouth.”

The Sound of Magic
Credit: Netflix

In the show, Ri Eul is a “good adult.” Then what is a good adult to Ji Chang Wook? The actor answered, “I honestly don’t know. But it feels like adults are someone who leads those who are not adults yet and not yet mature in a good direction.” He continued, “When I was young, I wanted to grow up to be someone awesome. I wanted to be someone who could answer the questions of younger ones. But now, I think someone who can talk about the worries together and give advice is an awesome adult.”

Just two days after the release, The Sound of Magic ranked fourth in Netflix’s global rankings. “I’m thrilled that many people are watching the show,” Ji Chang Wook shared his joy. “The show being watched a lot is such a happy thing as an actor. This show is the result of many trials and errors, so I hope you enjoy it.”

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