Disney+’s ‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Drops Its Main Trailer Along With a Poster of Yoon Kye Sang, Seo Ji Hye and Kim Ji Seok

Kiss Sixth Sense
Kiss Sixth Sense
Credit: Disney Plus

The Disney+ original drama Kiss Sixth Sense dropped its main trailer along with a poster of Yoon Kye Sang, Seo Ji Hye, and Kim Ji Seok.

The drama tells the sizzling love story of Ye Sul (played by Seo Ji Hye), who can see the future when she kisses someone, and Min Hoo (Yoon Kye Sang), who has supersensitivity.

The main poster captures Ye Sul casually putting her arm around Min Hoo’s shoulder with a full-beam smile on her face while using her elbow to gently push Lee Pil Yo (Kim Ji Seok) aside.

The main trailer revealed what vision Ye Sul saw after kissing Min Hoo on the lips by accident. As she works for Min Hoo in an advertising company, she spends most of her time with her boss. However, Min Hoo’s hypersensitive personality does not allow her to grow close to him. One day, the two accidentally kiss each other, and Ye Sul sees a strange vision of them lying in a bed together. A wave of embarrassment washes over her as he was the last man she wanted to see in the future with herself. On top of that, her ex-boyfriend Pil Yo shows up and asks her out again by offering her just three dates before she completely turns him down.

Will Ye Sul choose her evil boss or her ex-boyfriend? Stay tuned and find out.

Kiss Sixth Sense will premiere on May 25th.

Source: Disney Plus

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