The 58th Baeksang Arts Awards: Who Will Win Best New Actor and Best New Actress in Television Category?

Baeksang Arts Awards 2022
Credit: Netflix, tvN
Credit: Netflix, tvN

The fierce competition for the award that you can win only once in a lifetime will continue this year. The 58th Baeksang Arts Awards, which will be held on May 6th, has a whole list of nominees for the Best New Actor and Best New Actress in the TV category.


Best New Actor (TV Category)

Baeksang Arts Awards 2022
Credit: Netflix, tvN, SBS

Koo Kyo Hwan won the nomination with his first-ever drama D.P. The actor had won the Best New Actor in the movie category at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards with the movie Jane. After four years, will he be able to pick up the trophy for the TV category?

Shin Seung Ho took on the role of Hwang Jang Su, who bullies his junior soldier, in D.P. Despite not having even served in the army, he pulled off the role flawlessly, proving his potential as an actor.

Yoo In Soo played villain Yoon Gui Nam, a major role in the drama All Of Us Are Dead. Despite all the unfavorable responses to his role and three-hour-long zombie makeup, he clearly made his name known.

Choi Hyun Wook, who showed off his charm in Racket Boys, solidified his position as an actor through Twenty-Five Twenty-One. He portrayed the hearty character Moon Ji Woong, dubbed the “pretty boy in classroom 7,” and formed a sweet romance with Bona, receiving enthusiastic support from viewers.

Tang Jun Sang, who has turned 20, spent the last year of her teenage days with Racket Boys. Although it was his first lead role in a terrestrial drama, he realistically expressed the true face of a 16-year-old boy with acting and charms.


Best New Actress (TV Category)

Baeksang Arts Awards 2022
Credit: Netflix, JTBC

Kim Hye Joon has left a deep impression in Inspector Koo as a serial killer K that goes up against Lee Young Ae. Her rule of eradicating the evils with murders and her innocent, childlike appearance gave a shock, unlike other serial killers we have seen so far.

Lee Yeon turned into a juvenile criminal Baek Seong Woo in Juvenile Justice. She made headlines for her performance that transcended both age and gender. The actress gained praise for her portrayal of a complicated character, including changes made in her looks to her walks.

Lee Yoo Mi, who finally saw the light of day after years of obscurity with Squid Game, won the nomination for her performance in All Of Us Are Dead. She played Lee Na Yeon, a selfish girl who only cares about herself.

Jung Ho Yeon became a global star with Squid Game, where she made her acting debut with. Playing North Korean defector Sae Byeok, who needs money for her family, she made the viewers cry with her. Ho Yeon became the first Korean actress to win the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor at the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Cho Yi Hyun became a hot rising star when she played loner Nam Ra in All Of Us Are Dead. Her romance with Lomon and her performance after the zombie apocalypse series received favorable reviews.

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