K-pop Fans Show Mixed Reactions to The Boyz’ Younghoon’s Attitude During His Recent V Live

The Boyz Younghoon
The Boyz Younghoon
Credit: IST Entertainment

The Boyz’ Younghoon‘s attitude shown in his recent V Live has gone viral online. K-pop fans are showing mixed reactions to the controversy.

Previously on the 27th, Younghoon communicated with fans through V Live. And during the broadcast, he suddenly said, “I suddenly want orange juice. I’m saying this because by saying it like this, I feel like I will be able to drink it soon.” He then stressed again, “I know it’s out of the blue, but I want orange juice so badly.”

Soon after, a staff member brought him over a cup of orange juice. Drinking it, Younghoon added, “Will everything come true if I just say it? Shall I test how far it goes?”

The Boyz Younghoon
Credit: V Live

After the broadcast, some people started to say that he definitely has the so-called “celebrity disease” (a condition in which a celebrity becomes snobbish to the point that they take their fame and attention for granted). However, some argued that he was just showing how friendly he is with his staff.

But yesterday, one person pointed out that female idols – especially Jennie, Karina, or Wonyoung – would have written an apology letter after acting like him, sparking a heated debate. These are some of the comments: “As soon as they do that, their clip will hit 10M views. And they’ll be dubbed as rude and spoiled girls real quick.” “I hate how many fans are speaking in defense of him. I hope they meet a boss just like him.” “This whole Younghoon thing is overreacting. Anything becomes a controversy these days.”

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