SM Entertainment Denies Rumors About EXO’s Chanyeol + The Youtuber Who First Mentioned the Rumor Apologizes for the Harm Her Story Has Caused

EXO Chanyeol
EXO Chanyeol
Credit: iMBC


On April 28th, the bike Youtuber who first mentioned an unnamed rude idol on a variety program published a post on Instagram clarifying the rumors. She wrote: “I want to apologize to the person who suffered damage through speculative comments.”

SM Entertainment denied rumors that EXO’s Chanyeol made a controversial finger gesture while driving.

His agency clarified on April 27th by stating, “The celebrity who made a rude finger gesture in the relevant video is not Chanyeol, and the mentioned vehicle is not his.” The agency added, “We will take strong legal action against those spreading malicious rumors.”

A famous female influencer, who guest appeared on Channel S’Real Granny on April 26th, shared what had happened to her while driving a small scooter. She said, “An expensive car was driving very dangerously, so I tried to scoot out of there. But the driver suddenly flung his middle finger at me.” She continued, “So when we were all caught in traffic, I approached the car and knocked on the window to ask him why he made such a rude gesture. But he kept his hood on while constantly making that rude gesture at me.” “It was an idol for sure. I know that he is very famous and that he will likely end up losing his career if I open my mouth,” she added.

Since the broadcast, the YouTube video posted by the female biker last month has quickly trended online. The video clearly shows the driver making a rude gesture at the woman while wearing his hood up to hide his identity.

Many tried to gather clues to find out who the perpetrator was and narrowed their suspects down to one man: EXO’s Chanyeol. Following the official statement of his agency, Channel S’s Real Granny also issued an official statement regarding the rumor: “We had a conversation with the female influencer and confirmed that there was such an incident. However, as she did not wish to share who the culprit was, the relevant part in the clip will be edited out.”

Meanwhile, Chanyeol is currently serving in the army and will be discharged on September 28th.

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