Park Bo Young Shares Why She Started Writing Her Journals and Keeps It in a Safe on ‘You Quiz on the Block’

Park Bo Young You Quiz
Park Bo Young You Quiz
Credti: tvN

Park Bo Young guest-starred in the latest episode of tvN’s You Quiz on the Block.

She shared why she started writing her journals by saying, “I could not think of any stories to share during an interview about my upcoming movie.”

She jokingly said, “My journal has become more like a hit list over time. As I thoroughly wrote down how I felt about things that happened to me, I got worried about getting it stolen because it would put me in deep trouble. So I decided to keep it in a safe.” She commented, “I have kept all my journals in a safe since 2014. I burned all the journals I wrote before 2014 because I had no safe at home back then.” When she added, “If my mom were to find this out, she would get absolutely upset,” Yoo Jae Suk’s response brought laughter as he said, “Have you considered just not writing your journals?”

The star shared that she went to the theaters to feel the raw response of the audience upon her film release. She explained, “Washrooms are where you can face the sharpest criticisms. While I was washing my hands in the washroom, I heard people talking about my acting and saying, ‘Her acting wasn’t that good.’ I kept thinking about their comments as I washed my hands. I was like, ‘Was my acting that bad?'”

The female celebrity shared, “I tend to keep my negative feelings to myself. One day, I messed up my scene as my tongue was tied. I thought to myself, ‘I just want to disappear,’ because I felt so bad for the staff members waiting for me in such harsh weather. But I managed to finish writing my journal with a positive thought. She added, “I think writing journals help wash away all the stresses of the day. It really helped me for sure.”

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