How Did BTS Jimin’s Property Foreclosure Notice Get Leaked Online?

BTS Jimin
BTS Jimin
Credit: iMBC

It was reported that BTS’Jimin’s property foreclosure notice got leaked online. Previously, the singer has received multiple final notices on his overdue health premiums.

The scanned copies of the notices, which are believed to have been illegally leaked, went viral on the Internet. The original photos of them have been deleted, but some screenshots are widely circulating on various online communities.

The notices show private information about the idol, and it has yet to be confirmed how they got out online. Because HYBE is currently staying awfully quiet on this matter, some are suspecting that it could be the insiders who leaked the information. They explain that such a document’s recipient must be either Jimin himself or his official representative since the document includes his full social security number. Others claim that it could have been just a simple mistake that led to this situation.

On January 25th, a South Korean news outlet reported that the National Health Insurance Service almost seized the artist’s apartment in Seoul because of his unpaid health insurance premiums. His agency addressed reports through an official statement: “He paid the arrears as soon as he learned about them, and the situation is now resolved. We apologize for causing the artist and fans concern due to our negligence.”

However, some are highly skeptical of HYBE’s explanation as they believe that Jimin already knew about the foreclosure notice.

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