The 7 Most Unexpected South Korean Celebrity Friendships Ever

BTS Jin Friend Lee Yeon Bok
BTS Jin Friend Lee Yeon Bok
Credit: KBS

KBS’s Entertainment Weekly introduced unexpected celebrity friendships.

Seventh place went to Jo In Sung and golfer Inbee Park. Inbee Park, the 2016 Rio Olympic gold medalist, became Jo In Sung’s fan after seeing him in a sitcom in which he appeared at the beginning of his career. The two started their friendship after meeting each other at a movie premiere. Jo In Sung is also a good friend of Inbee Park’s husband Nam Gi Hyeob, so the three of them often go golfing together.


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BTS’ Jin and chef Lee Yeon Bok came in sixth. For six years, the two have been in a friendship that transcends generations after they first met on a TV show. Despite the 33-year age difference, Jin and Lee Yeon Bok go fishing together and even visit each other’s house. Jin is said to be a big fan of Lee Yeon Bok’s chilled abalone salad and has even given wine as a present. Chef Lee once shared that Jin came to find him when his grandson, who is an ARMY, asked for an autograph.

Fifth place went to Junho and Song Joong Ki. The two have been friends for 13 years after first meeting in Let’s Go! Dream Team soon after their debut. Junho asked Song Joong Ki for advice on acting and became a hot topic when he ordered his first car exactly the same- the same model and same options – as Song Joong Ki’s. The two, who have shown off their friendship by sending each other snack trucks, chose their similar personalities as a reason for their long-lasting friendship. Song Joong Ki once said, “I want to work with him on the same project. How about troublemaking brothers on a weekend drama?”

Lee Jung Jae and Yoo Jae Suk landed at No. 4. Lee Jung Jae, who started his military service after finishing Sandglass, recalled, “Yoo Jae Suk came to pick me up every day. If I couldn’t wake up, he’d wake me and dress me up. It’s true that he ‘fostered’ me. I had to plan an event once, and he did everything. He has exceptional talent.”

Third place went to Won Bin and comedian Jeong Jong Cheol. Jeong Jong Cheol once shared, “We both like soccer, so he used to come over to my place to play soccer games.” However, the two drifted apart due to their busy schedule. Jeong Jong Cheol added, “He asked to meet, so I did. And he said he’s starting a new movie, and that was The Man from Nowhere.”

Dancer LEEJUNG and Doctor Oh Eun Young came in second. LEEJUNG’s father is an old friend of Doctor Oh, so the two have known each other for a long time. LEEJUNG once said, “I used to call her auntie. But after I found her checking data on me, I started calling her doctor. She’s been supporting me ever since I decided to dance.”

First place went to Shin Dong Yup and You Hee Yeol. The two went to the same elementary, middle and high school (different grades), and they were each the announcer and producer of the school broadcast club. After Shin Dong Yup made his debut first, he invited You Hee Yeol over to be the regular guest on a radio show. Even after You Hee Yeol made his breakthrough as an artist, the two have been good friends.


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