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Edited by Seo Hayne
Translated by Eungee Joh

Kim Woo Bin drama Our Blues
Credit: tvN

Kim Woo Bin made his long-awaited TV return through Unexpected Business 2 after 6 years of battling illness. Then he resumed his acting career by joining the cast of tvN’s Our Blues. There, he plays a kind, pure-hearted fishing boat captain named Jung Joon opposite Han Ji Min who took on the role of a hanyeo, a female diver. �So, without further ado, let’s take a look at five of the best dramas and movies starring Kim Woo Bin, who will be staying active in the industry more than ever.


School 2013 (2013)

Kim Woo Bin started out his acting career after debuting as a fashion model. Perhaps because of his tall 6′ 2 ft height, he was always offered to play the role of a teenager that stands out from every crowd. In his first starring role in School 2013, he played a troubled teen and new kid at school named Park Heung Soo who almost got himself flunked out of his old school. The role he played is a tough young man who hides his wounds from others but not from himself. The drama won rave reviews for depicting an epic bromance between Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk. He won the Best New Actor prize at the 2013 APAN Star Awards through his performance in School 2013.


The Heirs (2013)

Choi Young Do is an intelligent young man who happens to be the heir to a large hotel chain. He has an IQ of 150 and is part of Mensa International. He rides a motorcycle to school every day although he’s a teenager and holds strong prejudice against the poor. Perhaps as he was brought up in a wealthy but heartless family, the bright young man often uses his brilliant mind to bully those who he doesn’t like. Later in the show, he forms an interesting rivalry with Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) as he slowly develops his feelings toward Cha Eun Sang (played by Park Shin Hye). Although Young Do may be the worst man capable of doing evil without hesitation, some of the lines he spoke became hugely iconic. Of all the famous quotes he spoke, “I ended up living up to how I look” became a legendary saying that everyone still remembers. Kim Woo Bin proved his acting skills by pulling off this incredible, young and bossy character. He also dazzled in a slicked-back hairstyle and inspired many to follow his example.


Twenty (2015)

Kim Woo Bin Movie Twenty
Credit: NEW

Twenty is a comedy movie that tells an exciting story about three friends who have just turned 20 years old. Kim Woo Bin played a character named Chi Ho alongside Kang Ha Neul and Lee Junho. Chi Ho is a young unemployed man living in the moment who happens to be oddly popular among girls. Kyung Jae (played by Kang Ha Neul) is a goody-two-shoes university student whose goal is to get accepted at a corporate job. Dong Woo (Lee Jun Ho) is a happy-go-lucky college dropout who dreams of becoming a cartoonist. The three of them had become friends after falling in love with the same woman in high school and the story takes place as they begin to live their new but not much different life as legal adults. The movie illustrates three easy-to-relate-to young individuals who take their first step into society. The three characters have perfect chemistry as none of them stick out like a sore thumb from one another. The actors are said to be of the same age and perhaps that’s why they showed such good performances as a team. Here, Kim Woo Bin dances to Days of Being Wild and pulls off a hilarious set of action scenes in a Chinese restaurant.


Uncontrollably Fond (2016)

Uncontrollably Fond is a melodrama that revolves around a terminally ill top actor named Shin Jun Young and a documentary producer named No Eul. Having the memory of their painful breakup still fresh in their minds, the two former lovers reunite years later as a renowned actor and a documentary producer. Kim Woo Bin, famous for playing bad guys, showed his despicable character in the early plot of the show. However, as the show progressed, he wrecked many hearts by portraying a man who suffers from memory loss due to his terminal illness. The two prepare for their last trip to bid heartbreaking farewell as the story nears its end. Kim Woo Bin sang two songs, “Do You Know” and “Picture in My Head,” for this drama with his mesmerizing deep voice that added a sentimental feel to the show.


Master (2016)

Kim Woo Bin Movie Master
Credit: CJ ENM

Inspired by a true event on a massive pyramid scheme, Master is a movie that revolves around a South Korean financial crime unit that launches a manhunt for a con man who is involved in a nationwide financial fraud. Kim Woo Bin starred as Park Jang Gun, a brilliant fraudster who later cooperates with the police. Jang Gun is the fraud company’s IT architect and brain who has a close connection to chairman Jin (Lee Byung Hun). As Kim Jae Myung (Kang Dong Won), the Intellectual Criminal Investigation’s Chief, tracks him down and threatens him to hand over information on Jin, the runaway CEO orders him to find the traitor within the company. He plays a key role in this story filled with chase, schemes and treachery. Kim Woo Bin played a lively yet unpredictable character who has a humane side to his persona off the field. Master, with its stunning cast, became a huge box-office success by attracting over 7 million moviegoers in 2016. This is by far the highest-grossing film that Kim Woo Bin starred in.


Editor Seo Hayne: I like actors as they faithfully lead through their long running-time. I also like idols who accomplish everything on stage within 3 minutes.


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