A YouTuber Explains Why Hyun Bin Made a “Serious Look” at the LA Airport

Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin 
Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin �
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Lee Jin Ho, a YouTuber and a former entertainment reporter, explained why Hyun Bin made the “serious look” at the LA airport.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin �left for their honeymoon 11 days after their wedding after sorting out their new home and saying greetings to their families,” he said. “The two, who returned to LA after three years, had to face a swarm of their local fans.”

Lee Jin Ho added, “They weren’t Korean fans. They were fans from the States. This happened thanks to Crash Landing on You‘s popularity in the country. These fans stopped by at the airport after seeing tweets and articles about their departure.”

Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin �
Credit: Lee Jin Ho YouTube

He then moved on to talk about how the couple treated the fans. “Actually, Son Ye Jin actively responded to fans’ requests for autographs. Hyun Bin had a scheduling problem with the guide who was supposed to pick them up, and he got a little cranky because he had to wait longer,” he explained. “Hyun Bin was constantly seen making a call. In the meantime, Son Ye Jin was signing autographs for fans.”

“Later, when the guide drove up in a car, Hyun Bin got behind the wheel himself. Then they drove off together,” Lee Jin Ho shared. “The Korean media released articles with titles like ‘stopping the fans’ and ‘stern face.’ But they were very polite to the fans.”

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