EXO’s Suho Talks About the Book That Inspired His New Album, Living Up to People’s Expectations and More

EXO SUHO Grey Suit
EXO SUHO Grey Suit
Credit: SBS

EXO’s Suho made an appearance on Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time on April 12th. He recently released his solo album “Grey Suit” which he participated in from the very early planning stage.

During the broadcast, a fan exclaimed to Suho, “I heard that you wrote your new song inspired by the book named Momo that you read while serving in the army.” In response, the singer explained, “While I was thinking about how to make use of my time in the army, I happened to read the book. Everything that I ever thought of was in the book, and since I got so inspired by the work, I even wrote a short journal after finishing it. I thought it would be nice to produce an album based off of the book.”

When asked if he doesn’t feel any pressure to live up to his fans’ expectations, he answered, “I have always thought that I should set an example as a leader of EXO since our debut. These days, I am just living my life to the fullest and doing what I like to do. This is just a part of my life, so I do not feel any pressure about living my life to meet someone’s expectations.” He jokingly added, “If you look closely, you might notice that I am not that kind of guy who would live his life by a rigid code.”

The interviewer then asked if he had any trouble with writing a particular song. He said, “I gave a lot of thoughts into writing each and every song on the album, but the one that gave me the toughest time was “Morning Star” because it’s listed at the top of the whole album. I wasn’t sure how much I could give off so, I wrote that I came to meet the fans after waking up from a dream.” He also shared that the third track “Hurdle” was the final candidate for his new album’s title track.

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