Kim Se Jeong Opens Up About What It Was Like to Film Intimate Scenes With Ahn Hyo Seop

kdrama Business Proposal Kim Se Jeong
kdrama Business Proposal Kim Se Jeong
Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment

Following the conclusion of A Business Proposal, Kim Se Jeong reflected on what it was like to film a love scene with Ahn Hyo Seop. She said, “Ahn Hyo Seop is a very thoughtful person. He would always try to think from my perspective and that helped us a lot with avoiding potentially awkward situations.” She also thanked him for his great effort to make the romantic scene look better.

Recalling the love scene that drove fans crazy, Kim Se Jung said, “I wasn’t too concerned about shooting that scene. However, although I did my best as an actress, I just couldn’t watch the scene when it aired on TV. I could see that we were fully in character during that moment, and perhaps that’s why it just felt wrong to get a sneak peek of that intimate moment.”

When the interviewer asked her if there were any brilliant inclusion that wasn’t on the script, she replied: “Everything in the ending scene was totally improvised. She added, “I hoped it to be a scene that shows that their marriage doesn’t change how they feel about each other and that the event is just another day for them to cherish and love each other.” She also mentioned, “Ha Ri had never heard ‘l love you’ from Tae Moo, so I asked him to say so at the end of the last episode. It was fun.”

The singer-turned-actress earned a cute nickname called “the Korean Emma Stone” for her comedic acting in the drama. She shared, “Many have told me that I look like the American actress. Not many knew that nickname before, but I am happy that many are calling me by that name.” She expressed, “I feel excited and nervous at the same time when I think of fans who have high expectations of me.”

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